For Home Sellers

Imagine if you had the choice of buying two cars that are the same age and model.  The first car has no maintenance records and you know nothing about it.  The second one has been checked out by a mechanic and you have a report of its condition.  These two cars are the same price.  Which one would you buy?

We can help you to have the house that stands out when it is compared to a similar house nearby that is also for sale.  When your house stands out your house sells for more money.  

How can we help?  We perform what are called pre-listing inspections on homes that are about to be listed for sale, or our already listed for sale.  We perform the home and pest inspections that would be and will be performed by a buyer’s inspector when you get an offer on your home.

By learning now, before the sale, what issues will come up before the buyer’s inspection, you can work on resolving some of those issues now, making your house more valuable.  Also, by ordering a pre-listing inspection you show all the buyers who look at your home that you are an above-board, ethical person who wants to find out what the inspection findings might be on your home just as badly as a prospective buyer wants to find out what they are.  You look ethical and credible.  You look like someone we all would like to do business with.  Like the business of buying your home for top dollar.