For Commercial Buyers

You are an investor.  For you, a purchase is not an emotional decision, it is one made based on cold hard facts.  We are in the fact supplying business.   We inspect Commercial Buildings and Industrial Buildings.  We have inspected restaurants, apartment complexes, office buildings, strip malls, and storage unit businesses.

We combine the best inspectors with the best tools, to prepare your commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) Report to give you the clearest overall picture of the potential investment you are making. 

Commercial investments require big dollars, and can bring in big returns, but not if you buy the wrong building.  Let our extensive experience protect you and your money.

You want to make a great investment.  You also want to be able to negotiate the price down or get necessary repairs made based on the information in your PCA report.

Get armed with the information that can help you buy the best building possible and for the best price possible.  Order a PCA report on the building you are buying today.