Winter Maintenance Advice


Interior Grout and Caulk Joints

  • Check all grout lines at countertops and tub and shower surrounds to make sure they are sealed and are not cracked. Re-grout where necessary. It is very common for new construction builders to not apply grout sealer over grout lines, a recipe for cracked grout lines and water intrusion down the road. 
  • Re-caulk any caulk joints that have opened up or just where the caulk is worn, growing mold, etc.

GFCI Outlets

  • Use the test and re-set button to test your GFCI outlets. Better yet, for usually less than $10  you can buy a GFCI tester and make sure all GFCI's in your home, including those that do not have test and re-set buttons, work properly.  Any outlets that do not re-set should be replaced. You are supposed to trip and re-set all GFCI's with buttons monthly.

Interior Sinks

  • Run the sinks with the sink stoppers seated so the sink fills. Let it go until it is flowing water through the overflow drain. Open the sink cabinet and turn on a flashlight to check for leaks. Then let the stopper come up and watch for leaks and for proper whirlpool action as the water drains. If leaks are found, repair them. If the sink will not drain properly, use liquid drain cleaner to open them. 
  • Check bathtub for whirlpool drain action. If the tub will not drain properly, use liquid drain cleaner to open the drain. 
  • Run all showerheads and look for leaks at the showerhead threads. If there are any, unscrew the showerhead and put plumber's tape on it and put the showerhead on again securely.